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You may have seen them, you may have played them, but even if you ignore them, you may be wondering if bingo game is worth playing?

SuperAce88 casino is talking about the games you see in bingo rooms, usually located below the chat box, they open in the bottom corner of the screen and can be played at the same time as bingo or between games. If the site also has a slots or games section, it will usually be a smaller selection of what is available elsewhere on the site, and the games selected will complement the ambience of the bingo room.

They’re completely optional and obviously come with their own costs, but what are the different options and are they worth your time?

To recap, bingo games are great for filling in the gaps between bingo games and can also be fun to play when you're focusing on a bingo game that's halfway in progress

Different types of bingo games

Ironically, you may win more playing side games than bingo, but they also tend to be more expensive in a way. Either they cost more per game, or they play so fast that you end up spending a lot of money on them while playing so many games.However, there’s no denying they’re fun, and with some offering life-changing sums of money, they may well be right up your alley as a way to compliment your bingo game.

Let’s take a look at the different types of bingo games:

Slot machine

The slot machines you find here are no different than those you would find in any regular online casino.

The slot machines you find here are no different than those you would find in any regular online casino. Obviously, the game selection may vary depending on where you play, but they are all regular slots. They may include progressive jackpots, various different themes, paylines and game features, so there is a lot of variety between them. The most noteworthy thing about slot machines is the stakes placed on each spin.

As a bingo player, you’re probably used to paying a few pennies per ticket in games that last a few minutes. For slots, you can pay £1 or more for each spin that lasts just a few seconds. This can run out of money quickly, so be aware of your stakes and how many spins you take if you choose to play.

The good thing about slot machines, though, is that if you’re lucky, the jackpots can be quite high, much larger than what most bingo rooms offer.

Is it worth playing? – Yes, they are fun and can pass the time as long as you know what you are doing and keep an eye on your money.

Slingo game

Oddly, not all bingo networks offer this option as a side game, but they really should since Slingo is a hybrid of slots and bingo.

Slingo offers greater flexibility as players can select their own winning numbers, and if they are not successful (or successful enough) during the allotted spins, they can purchase more numbers for a chance to increase their winnings.

This is a double-edged sword because while you can get better results, you can also essentially just increase your bet and win nothing (or no more than you already win). It’s better value for money than most other games because each game takes longer to play, so a single game of slingo allows you to complete the countdown to the next round of bingo.

Is it worth playing? – Yes, especially if you want to budget appropriately and not be too easily tempted to keep spending money on extra spins. It’s also very different from bingo in that it uses a different part of your brain because you need to make decisions.

Scratch Card

These are just like the scratch cards you buy from the store, but they’re digital. Depending on how much you like the suspense, you can usually choose to scratch the cards yourself, symbol by symbol, or just let the results be revealed automatically.

You can buy cards worth varying amounts of money, but they all pretty much have the same huge winning potential as regular scratch cards. Some even have multiple games on the same card. They are much less intense than slot machines and take longer to play, so if you can play slots ten or twenty times between bingo games, you may only be able to play a few scratch cards.

Is it worth playing? – Yes, because you’re less likely to forget how much you spent, but it can still lead to a huge windfall.

Chat room game

These aren’t actually considered side games, but they are played along with bingo, so we’ve included them here. They’re run by chat hosts so you never know when they’re going to happen, but you can win free bingo tickets and stuff like that.

They’re very simple, usually just spelling a word correctly or guessing the next word in a sequence, and the best part is they’re free to play. These are all great compliments to the game, and if you get into it quickly enough, there’s also the possibility of getting some small perks. It’s usually a case of “fastest finger first” though, so stay alert if you want to win.

Is it worth playing? -absolute! They won’t change your life, but they’re free and can get you good stuff – what’s not to like?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bingo Games

To recap, bingo games are great for filling in the gaps between bingo games and can also be fun to play when you’re focusing on a bingo game that’s halfway in progress.They can drain your bankroll if you’re not careful, so check your bet sizes and don’t get carried away or your bingo budget could disappear faster than you realize.


Various games

Huge bonuses can be won

Fill the gap between bingo games


Stay away from bingo

May cost more than you planned

Limited options compared to casinos

They can really liven up a bingo room if it’s quiet and there isn’t a lot of activity in the chat room, and offer the variety to make your sessions endless. Not to mention that if you play the game right, there’s always a chance of winning a huge jackpot – although admittedly, the chances are very slim.

However, people have won millions of dollars playing side games, so it is possible.

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