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SuperAce88 Sports Betting Introduction

SuperAce88 is a service provider that offers players a wide range of options and diversity, with a wide selection of sports betting activities such as soccer, horse racing, tennis, basketball, netball and many other interesting international sports. Members can bet on more than 1000 matches a day and with commissions of less than 5% on sports bets, members can get higher bets than other platform games.

SuperAce88 offers a wide variety of Sports betting options

SuperAce88 offers a wide variety of Sports betting options

SuperAce88 is the most popular online sports betting platform in the Philippines since it features all of the most popular athletic events to bet on. SuperAce88 gives users access to different sports as well as hundreds of other leagues. In addition, we provide our customers with high competitive odds, generous bonuses to give extra credit when betting on different well-known sports, and more.


Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world and has a passionate following in the Philippines. Sports are played almost everywhere across the country, whether in schools where games are held or in the countryside where there are basketball courts in every town. Therefore, SuperAce88 follows and follows all leagues related to this sport. Bettors have a variety of options to choose from, from the domestic league PBA to foreign competitions such as the NBA, WNBA and South Korea’s B-League.


Football betting is perhaps the most popular form of sports betting in the Philippines given that there are more than 100,000 sporting activities throughout the year. This explains why many people bet on this game, seeing as it brings them joy through profits


Boxing is a very popular sport with many fans around the world. Especially in the Philippines, it is our country’s national sport. The Philippines has many famous boxing champions, such as Manny Pacquiao, who are internationally renowned for their performances in the competitive sport. SuperAce88 also offers betting opportunities on combat sports such as boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA).


Tennis is one of the most popular and widely played sports in the Philippines, so it's no surprise that we offer you a wide range of betting odds. If you want to bet on an individual match or which player will win Grand Slam tournaments such as Wimbledon, Australian Open and US Open, at SuperAce88 you can choose between Moneyline, Over/Under and Outright betting type.


Volleyball is an exciting competitive sport, making it a popular choice for sports betting. We offer the most comprehensive selection of live volleyball betting. SuperAce88 also covers various leagues in volleyball, providing online bettors with a variety of betting options.


Baseball began as a children's game in the 17th century, but over time, became a game for adults. During baseball games, bets can be placed before and after each game.Baseball bettors have a variety of options with us. These include popular betting options such as Money Line, Outright, Winner and Over/Under.


Badminton is a racket sport in which two players or a team of two players hit a shuttlecock back and forth along a line with the goal of hitting the ground on the opponent's side of the court. Badminton betting involves placing bets on the outcome of a badminton match, where players may win or lose based on their predictions. Therefore, SuperAce88 offers a variety of betting options for you to place your bets.

🏒Ice Hockey🏒

Ice Hockey is a fast-paced team sport played on ice, with two teams of six players competing to score the puck into the other team's goal. The sport involves speed, skill and physical contact, with athletes wearing protective gear such as helmets, pads and gloves. Hockey betting involves placing bets on the outcome of these games, and players can win or lose money based on their predictions. SuperAce88 is a platform that provides ice hockey betting services, allowing enthusiasts to bet on their favorite teams in various ice hockey tournaments.


Golf is a precision sport where the player's goal is to hit the ball into the club hole and finish the game with the fewest strokes. Golf betting includes placing bets on tournament outcomes, giving enthusiasts the opportunity to place bets on their favorite players through SuperAce88’s pre-match, live and future betting options.

SuperAce88 sports betting Ous Features

SuperAce88 Sports Betting – Bet on all kinds of sports with great odds and super bonusesThe most stable sports online betting site (SuperAce88) in the Philippines! Whether it is NBA, PBA, Champions League football, Wimbledon, horse racing, cockfighting and other diversified sports events, you can play as you like and lose money without losing the odds.

weekly rebate

Betting on sporting events that drive fans crazy, with multiple games and high water marks, can build up money quickly. After the original fund of funds withdraws, the money won is slowly accumulated on the platform. I believe you have a fixed amount of pocket money to spend each month.

Various classic sporting events

Not every version the casino represents can offer the full set of events and games. Only the extremely popular version can keep up with the scale of the international version. SuperAce88 gives you the most complete selection, so you can’t miss every favorite activity.

Easy to use platform

The biggest advantage of the SuperAce88 sportsbook is its convenience. We have an optimized website that works on all browsers, and to allow players to bet at any time, SuperAce88 has launched an app that allows players to bet on sports 24 hours a day.

Wide range of sports

At SuperAce88 you can find a wide range of sports such as soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, field hockey, horse racing, boxing, etc. To complement this, at OKBET players can bet on different types of sports at the same time and can also place live bets.

SuperAce88 has the best odds

SuperAce88 offers better odds than other online casinos, which allows players to get the highest profit return results if they win, regardless of the sports betting category. Please check the betting rules before placing a bet on a match at SuperAce88.

Historical record of matches

Sports betting requires skill and many sports events can be predicted from previous games and SuperAce88 provides this information for all players to analyze when you come to our sports betting page where you can find past games.

Wide range of payments

SuperAce88 offers a wide range of payment systems, whether it is local banks, Gcah or crypto currency, all players can choose the method that suits them. These transaction options give you the flexibility to transfer money to your account.

You can find these betting options at SuperAce88

You can find these betting options at SuperAce88

With great odds in every market and markets on all major sports you can make the most informed betting decision. Whether you like to bet on football, tennis or rugby we have everything you need. So get in the game today!

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Sport Betting tip/ strategy Guide

Welcome to participate in the exciting sports events, you can find all the tips you have to know here.