Deposit 200 daily and get 100 bonus

Deposit 200 daily and get 100 bonus

Promotional Tag: Special

Promotional objects: All SuperAce88 members

Promotion period: 2024/04/01 ~ 2025/01/05
Promotion details: Deposit 200 daily and get 100 bonus

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Deposit 200 daily and get 100 bonus

🌟How to Get Deposit Bonus🌟

  1. Register a SuperAce88 account.
  2. Deposit 200+ on the same day. You can apply for the “200 free 100” discount
  3. Enter the amount and verification code to join.
  4. This promotion is valid from Monday to Thursday only.
  5. Each member can only apply once per day.


  1. How to apply for promotions: Promotions>All Promotions>Click “Apply”
  2. How to exit a promotion: Promotions>All Promotions>Click “Cancel”
  3. famous :
  • Any amount exceeding the maximum withdrawal amount during the promotion period will be automatically lost after the promotion is unlocked
  • To unlock the promotion, you need to reach the required turnover, otherwise your promotional amount must be less than 5PHP.
  • (If one of the above two conditions is met, the system calculation takes approximately 20 minutes.)

🌟Terms and Conditions🌟

  1. Promotion is limited to each account, IP, phone number and bank account. They can only be used once.
  2. SuperAce88 reserves the right to modify or terminate this event.

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