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Be careful of bombs! Want to know all the important tips and strategies for mastering Minefield? Want to know what Mines Game is? Keep reading this guide from SuperAce88 Casino!

Be careful of bombs! Want to know all the important tips and strategies for mastering Minefield? Want to know what Mines Game is? Keep reading this guide from SuperAce88 Casino

What is Mines Game?

The Mines game hit the gaming world in 2022, making a splash with its debut in Hacksaw and becoming a popular game among SuperAce88 casino games. Mines is based on the popular computer game Minesweeper and features a range of delicious cash prizes and deadly mine symbols.

How to play the Mines game?

Best winning strategies in Mines game​
  1. Select your bet level and press “Bet” to get started.
  2. Click on a space on the grid to reveal a diamond or mine symbol.
  3. If a diamond is found, the current win value increases and another selection is awarded.
  4. If a mine is discovered, the round ends and all current bonuses are lost.
  5. After acquiring any diamonds, you can choose to cash out to secure the current victory and end the round.
  6. At the start of any round, you set the grid size (3×3-9×9) and the number of mines on the grid (1-80).
  7. Available bonuses depend on the grid size, the number of completed choices, and the number of active mines on the current grid.

How to win the Mines game?

The way to win in Mines is to successfully pick a space that does not contain a Mine symbol and cash in before the Mine is discovered. After a successful selection, you can cash out at any time, and the more consecutive selections, the higher the win value.

You can also set the number of active spaces on the grid and the number of active mines currently on the grid. The size of the grid and the number of mines will change the potential win value, with grids with a higher number of mines having the highest winning potential.

Best winning strategies in Mines game

Spice up your bets

Mixing up betting levels is a great way to learn the basics of landmines and expand the value of your potential wins. As you get the hang of it, start small and if you feel comfortable, consider trying various options and stakes levels to suit your playing style.

Push mode

While there’s no inherent advantage due to the RNG nature of mines, choosing spaces according to your chosen mode can help you play rounds faster and achieve satisfying winning streaks in space. Your pattern can be as long or short as you choose; once you’re happy with your winnings for the round, be sure to take the time to cash out.

Set superstar

Mines feature a wide range of gameplay options, including a customizable grid and the option to activate 1-80 mines on the grid. Play around with these settings and try more/less grid space and more/fewer mines to see what works best for you.


Roulette’s favorite strategies can easily be applied to mines in a similar way. Essentially, for each round that ends with the Mine symbol, double your bet and choose to Cash Out once your bet reaches a value that covers your losses from the previous round. On each winning round, lower your bet level and continue until you find the mine symbol. Rinse and repeat and adjust your betting behavior accordingly.

Safe and sound

This strategy favors those who wish to experiment rather than go all out. Set yourself a betting limit and once you win at your set betting level, cash out to end the round. Adjust your stakes level according to what feels right for you, and adjust mine settings to add more/fewer mines to the action.

Mine owner

How far can you go? This strategy is suitable for those who want to play more intensely, as you will continue to select as many spaces as possible before discovering the mine symbol. Keep playing until you feel like you have a good chance of picking a mine before cashing out to maximize your potential winnings each round. Experiment with settings to add fewer/more mines to modify the experience and add additional cash rewards.

Jack of all trades

Variety is the spice of life, and with this strategy, everything can be solved. Mix and match different play styles and rule sets for a complete Minecraft experience. Think of it as a buffet table of Mines game strategies to find the food that best satisfies your taste buds. Make sure you play within your capabilities and in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

Keep it fun

This can be applied to any playstyle or strategy and focuses on one main goal; keep it fun! Pay close attention to your spending habits and gaming time to ensure your gaming is always fun and manageable. If you need any assistance with setting limits, including deposits, gaming sessions, or account interruptions; check out our extensive range of fully customizable Safer Gaming tools to help you stay in control.

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Mines game FAQs

Mines is a casino game from Hacksaw, based on the very popular game Minesweeper. Click on spaces to discover winning prizes, and keep an eye out for your “mine” spaces, which will end the game and forfeit all cash prizes.

The way to win in Mines is to successfully select a space on the grid that does not contain a Mine symbol. For each selected space that contains diamonds, your total round wins increase, and the game continues until you cash in your winnings or discover a mine space.

All casino games on SuperAce88 (including Mines) are real money games and all winnings are paid out in cash.

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