What is slot RTP? A Comprehensive Guide

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RTP, also known as Return to Player, represents the expected rewards a player can win from a slot machine, typically displayed as a percentage. For instance, if a slot machine has a slot RTP of 97%, this means that for every 100 units of currency a player puts in, they can expect to receive around 97 units back. This percentage is calculated over millions of spins. Each slot machine will display its own slot RTP, making it a crucial consideration when choosing a slot machine to play.

Is Slot RTP the Same as Volatility?

Slot RTP and volatility are not the same, even though their concepts are often confused. Volatility, another common term in slot machines that often appears alongside RTP, refers to the manner in which slot RTP is achieved. Low volatility games allow for frequent hits of rewards, but the value of each reward is small. In contrast, high volatility games do not offer rewards easily, but when they do, the rewards can be surprisingly substantial. This suggests that if you choose a high volatility slot machine, you may need to spin thousands of times before you get close to the true slot RTP.

What is a High RTP Slot?

So, what kind of figures would we classify as high slot RTP for a slot machine? We can categorize slot RTP into three levels for clarification: low RTP, medium RTP, and high RTP.

Low RTP slot machines: These slot machines typically have an RTP ranging from 90% to 93%. Most of these low slot RTP machines have lower volatility, attracting players with frequent wins. As a result, the player experience isn’t necessarily poor and, at times, it can be even more appealing than high volatility games with high slot RTPs.

Medium RTP slot machines: The return rate for medium RTP slot machines generally falls between 94% and 96%. This is considered an average value for the RTP of slot machines, they might use free spins or other bonuses to attract players.

High RTP slot machines: Slot machines with an RTP ranging between 97% and 99% fall into the high RTP category. Well-known high RTP slot machines, like those by Jili Games, are common examples. You can check out our recommended high RTP slot machines via the button below.

Physical vs. Online Slots: Which Has Higher RTP?

Online slot machines typically offer a higher Return to Player (RTP) than physical slot machines. The reason behind this is the overhead costs associated with running physical casinos, which include venue maintenance and management fees. These additional expenses necessitate higher returns, which in turn impact the slot RTP.

Physical slot machines generally provide an RTP ranging between 88% and 92%. In contrast, online slot machines seldom offer an slot RTP less than 95%. As of 2023, the industry standard RTP for online slots is above 96%. Furthermore, online casinos cannot arbitrarily manipulate the RTP of games, offering a level of reassurance and credibility for players. This higher, more consistent RTP is just one of the reasons why many players gravitate towards online slots.

How Do You Know the Slot RTP on a Slot Machine?

As slot RTP is one of the biggest selling points of slot machines, you can easily find relevant information on the introduction page of the slot machine in online casinos or within the game’s odds table. This is one advantage of online slot machines over physical ones, as you can conveniently access this information to formulate strategies.

5 High RTP Online Casino Games in the Philippine

Here are five online slot machine games that, according to our team’s practical testing, have high RTPs and provide excellent gaming experiences. You can click on them to find out more detailed information.

Super Ace

Super Ace

RTP: 98.5

Volatillity: 2/5

Payline: 1024



RTP: 99

Volatillity: 2/5

Payline: single

Fortune Gems

Fortune Gems

RTP: 98.62

Volatillity: 1/5

Payline: 25

Golden Empire

Golden Empire

RTP: 7.06

Volatillity: 3/5

Payline: 32400


Mega Ace

RTP: 97

Volatillity: 2/5

Payline: 1024


The average RTP for online slot machines is typically around 96%. Therefore, slot machines with an RTP higher than 96.5% are usually our recommended options.

Quality high RTP slot machines can be found at SuperAce88 or Rich9. These are both highly popular online casinos in the Philippines and hold legitimate licenses. Besides having a rich variety of game selections, they also assure you of a great gaming experience.

Slot RTP is a crucial index for slot machines that you can refer to before playing. However, it does not mean that the highest RTP is always the best choice. You also need to consider the volatility of the machine.

Slot RTP is not affected by the amount of bet placed, making it a reliable metric to observe.

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